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Welcome to our OKR Coach Certification Course, where you can become an expert in driving business success through effective OKR implementation. In 8 hours spread over 2 days, we will provide you with the necessary tools and skills to excel as an OKR Coach.

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About the course

OKR Coaches play a crucial role in helping organizations integrate OKRs into their day-to-day operations and truly reap the benefits.

Upon completion of the course, you will expand your expertise in setting OKRs, building results habits, and change management strategies to make a real difference across your teams and your organization.

Day 1

  • Understanding OKR drivers and principles
  • Crafting high-quality OKRs
  • Translating outputs to outcomes

Day 2

  • Change Management Strategies
  • OKR Workshop facilitation techniques for teams at different levels
  • Driving alignment within and across functions

Join our OKR Coach Certification Course and become part of our worldwide Coach Community

8 hours of live coaching

2×4 hours live group coaching with one of our experienced OKR coaches with practical exercises and real case studies.

Post Pack

Access to program materials, case studies and examples.


Upon program completion you’ll get an OKR Coach Certificate as well as badges for your social media sent via email.


Upon program completion you’ll get an OKR coach certification as well as badges for your social media sent via email.

Community Access

Access to our OKR Coach Community to ask questions and learn from others.

Keep training, keep learning

Our Certification Course is useful for anyone seeking to improve

Executives Leaders

Realize your visions with improved execution

Team Managers

Improve team performance and accountability

HR Managers

Improve employee engagement and motivation


Accelerate your career by managing for outcomes at pace

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