5. Common Pitfalls

Our Common Pitfalls course is designed to deepen your understanding of the common challenges faced by organizations new to OKRs, and how to overcome them. Having a solid grasp of these practical concepts is essential for successful adoption and implementation of the OKR framework in your organization. By completing the course, you’ll know how to avoid common pitfalls in OKR implementation and apply our proven best practices for a successful implementation in your organization. Let’s get started! << 4. OKRs for Product Teams View All Courses 6. OKRs with WorkBoard>>

1. OKR Crash Course

Our OKR Crash Course gives you a simple but effective introduction to developing and working with OKRs. By the end of this course, you will know what OKRs are and why they are used by many leading organizations around the world. You will also know the importance of truly understanding the difference between output and outcome to achieve real results. At the end of the course, you’ll have the chance to take a self-assessment quiz. This quiz will help you see how much you’ve learned. Let’s get started! >

2. OKR Fundamentals

Our OKR Fundamentals course will teach you the basics of OKRs and why it’s important to understand them. OKRs are more than just a process; they are closely connected to a specific mindset and cultural habits that contribute to our success. By the end of this lesson, you will gain practical knowledge about the essential building blocks required for successfully implementing OKRs in your organization and team. Let’s get started! >

3. OKR Implementation

The OKR Implementation course will show you how to maintain a consistent and disciplined approach to an OKR program. You will receive a detailed overview of the OKR Cycle and learn about the behaviors needed to navigate through its different phases. The OKR cycle is an iterative cycle composed of four different phases which are set up and launch, align and localize, focus and execute, and reflect and reset. At the end of this course, you will know all there is to know about implementing OKRs and why is building a quality OKR process so important. Let’s get started! >

4. OKRs in Comparison with other Methodologies

In our OKRs in comparison with other methodologies course you’ll learn about the differences between methodologies such as KPIs, SMART, MBOs, and OKRs. By completing the course, you’ll have the knowledge to not only differentiate between these methodologies but also know how and which can be implemented together with OKRs. Let’s get started! >