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Your organization has made a transformative decision: to build your strategy with Objectives and Key Results. OKRs are trusted by the world’s leading companies and have earned their reputation as a cornerstone of impactful business outcomes.

As the business experts in OKRs, Wave Nine presents Strategy Ignite, our end-to-end program of learning and implementation.

Strategy Ignite brings you the power of OKRs using WorkBoard, the industry-leading platform for OKR management.

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Your Journey

Over the next few weeks, we’ll guide you in setting up an OKR program with WorkBoard that creates clarity and energy for executing your strategy with predictability and profitability. Think of it as learning to surf. We’ll be with you until you’re an excellent surfer, mastering the waves of strategy execution.

Setup and Launch

Approximately 4 weeks

OKR Cycle 1

1 Quarter

OKR Cycle 2

1 Quarter

Scale & Measure


Step 1: Commit the Time

Moving to OKRs can be a big shift. Even if you’ve used OKRs before, you’ll need to put in the learning time up front to stay in sync with your colleagues. The beginning of the OKR cycle is intentionally quick – OKRs are written in just two to three weeks – so coming prepared is key.

Be sure to set aside a few blocks to dig into the self-guided learnings in the next three steps right away.

Step 2: Get Started with OKRs

Learning and applying OKRs is an investment that brings rewards not only to your  organization but to you as well, through:

Step 3: Get Started with WorkBoard

WorkBoard is intuitive software that empowers you and your team to:

Step 4: Become an Expert

OKRs have been called “deceptively simple” because despite their compact appearance, it takes practice to get great at writing effective OKRs. In fact, it’s normal to need a few quarters before it feels intuitive.

If you or your team encounter challenges along the way, you’re not alone. If you like, you may continue your learning journey for insights on how to overcome situations and get the most from WorkBoard and OKRs.

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