Phase 1:

Setup & Launch

Approximately four weeks

In the Setup & Launch phase, we’ll work together to lay a strong foundation as you prepare to roll out your OKR Program.

By the end of Setup & Launch, the Program Team and Steering Comittee will have enabled your organization’s success in the following ways:

By communicating change effectively—to the right people, through the right channels, at the right time—your teams will have the information, resources, and commitment that forms a strong foundation for a successful OKR program

People will be provisioned in WorkBoard and have SSO and other key software integrations in place

The new approach to managing your business with OKRs and WorkBoard will be defined to seamlessly integrate with your existing practices

People will begin to develop a shared understanding of OKR methodology and and be prepared for upcoming OKR setting workshops.

Champion communities and comprehensive training lay the foundation to scale best practices and result rituals across teams.

How We’ll Work Together

Our partnership forms the foundation of our shared success. Think of it as a journey, where together we’ll build your team’s skill and confidence until OKRs are part of the fabric of your organization.

Wave Nine’s OKR Program Governance Model leverages the strengths of four pillars that work together to drive success:

The Implementation Process

Over the next approximately four weeks, we’ll work closely to orchestrate all the pieces that need to come together for a successful rollout.

From the tactical (implementing WorkBoard software) to the conceptual (learning all about OKRs), clarity of ownership and timely execution are the keys to driving the program forward. Here are a few tips to help you maintain a healthy momentum within your organization.

Note that the points mentioned below are discussed in greater detail as you continue on this site


Before we roll out the program to your broader organization, we’ll collaborate on a bit of behind-the-scenes preparation.

OKR Platform Setup

The Program Lead, your IT Owner, and Wave Nine will collaborate to get your organization ready to use WorkBoard.

Provision the WorkBoard Platform
Implement SSO
Integrate WorkBoard with Other Business Software
Publish Existing OKRs to WorkBoard

Onboarding Survey

IMPORTANT: Onboarding Surveys must be returned to Wave Nine before the next steps can take place.

Fill Out the Onboarding Survey

Team Formation

A successful rollout relies on a great team, with the right people in the right roles. First, take a moment to get familiar with the roles and responsibilities detailed in Program Roles & Responsibilities. Next, taking guidance from the results of the Onboarding Survey, the Executive Sponsor and Program Lead will identify individuals who can best fill these key roles, then bring them up to speed on the program. Wave Nine can offer support in identifying the right individuals.
Build the Program Team
Build the Steering Committee (SteerCo)
Identify and Inform WorkBoard Admin Users
Build a Community of Champions. Identify and Inform Certified OKR Coaches and WorkBoard Pro Users

Kickoff Meetings

Kickoff Meetings are where your stakeholders come together and unite as one team with one dream: to roll out your new OKR program in the most successful possible way. Until now, some people from your organization may have met with Wave Nine, or with each other, in ad-hoc meetings. But in these structured Kickoff Meetings, we will review a comprehensive deck to be sure that everyone shares the exact same high-level information, understands roles and responsibilities, and is ready to run a flawless Implementation Process. We begin by kicking off those closest to the nitty gritty work, the Program Team. Then, once the Program Team is aligned, we kick off the Executive Leadership Team.

Schedule the Program Team Kickoff
Schedule the Executive Leadership Team Kickoff
Schedule All Hands Kick Off

Success Criteria

To ensure that we’re aligned on the results we want to achieve from the Strategy Ignite implementation, we’ll take time right at the start to define what success looks like, then write OKRs for the Program Implementation. Measurable Key Results will tell us if we’re on the right track as we go.

For example, an OKR for Program Implemention might look like something this:

Objective: We execute our strategy with high clarity and energy

1.   KR: 100% of the targeted teams have uploaded their OKRs to WorkBoard

2.  KR: 80% the targeted teams say they better understand how they’re contributing to the overall strategic direction

3.  KR: 100% of Executives say they are seeing better focus and results in their teams

Operating Rhythm

Your operating rhythm is like the heartbeat of your organization, shaping how your long-term vision aligns with daily tasks. Strategy Ignite aims to seamlessly integrate OKRs into this rhythm. And since OKR programs are not one-size-fits-all, together we’ll create a custom OKR Company Playbook that’s optimized for the unique needs of your organization.

The Executive Sponsor, Program Lead and Wave Nine will analyze a number of available approaches to examine the advantages, and tradeoffs, of each.

Assess Existing OKRs and/or Strategy Execution Processes
Align on OKR Parameters for your Company OKR Playbook
Align on the OKR Setting and Localization Plan

OKR Setting Workshops & Tie Offs

Although the Kickoff meetings haven’t happened yet—and some in your organization may not yet be aware of the program that you’ll be rolling out—it’s important to block time well in advance to ensure people’s availability. The Localization Plan we determined earlier, in the OKR Process Design step, will guide who should be included in each session. In addition, we’ll assign OKR Coaches to each OKR Setting Workshop to guide teams through their initial OKR setting. The Program Lead will schedule the following sessions

Schedule OKR Setting Workshops
Schedule Tie Offs

Training & Community Building

The success of your OKR program ultimately rests on each individual’s foundational understanding of OKR methodology, coupled with their ease and comfort on the WorkBoard platform. With a broad selection of both live and on-demand courses to suit different learning styles and depth of knowledge, Wave Nine and the Program Lead will design a Learning & Develoment Roadmap that will ensure everyone learns what they need to know at the right time. 

 If you’re unsure which courses your program includes, you can confirm with your Wave Nine Implementation Consultant. 

OKR Methodology
WorkBoard Platform

Change & Communication Program Design

A strategic communications program is your greatest tool to help you inspire, align, educate and drive adoption across your organization. The Comms Owner oversees this program, with supporting materials and guidance from the Program Lead and Wave Nine.

Identify channels
Design Change & Communication Program

Rollout to the Organization

Congratulations! We’ve completed the behind-the-scenes work and now we’re ready to introduce the program to the organization. It’s time to give the broader teams the information they need to understand the implementation process and get excited about what comes after.

All Hands Kickoff Meeting

Program Team Action Items

When your WorkBoard instance is up and running, you’ll track your action items there. Until then, here are the first orders of business.

Return Forms and Information to Wave Nine
Schedule Sessions
Prepare in Advance for OKR Process Design Meeting
Plan Change & Communication Program