Phase 3:

OKR Cycle 2

One quarter to 4 months

OKR Cycle 1 narrative here……

In the OKR Cycle 2 phase, the ELT and team leads now have the experience to lead your organization through OKR writing, implementation, and progress tracking, with only light guidance from Wave Nine.

By the end of OKR Cycle 2, people in your organization will:

How We’ll Work Together

In OKR Cycle 2, your teams will have the experience and confidence to lead the way as they create impactful OKRs, make progress on goals, and track their results in WorkBoard. Your Wave Nine Implementation Consultant will provide helpful support as needed.

Wave Nine
Program Team

The OKR Cycle

Let’s get started on OKRs! Over the next two to three weeks, Wave Nine will lead hands-on OKR Workshops and coaching sessions. At the first workshop your CEO and Executive Leadership Team will translate company-level business objectives into strong and actionable OKRs. Once these company-level OKRs are complete, Wave Nine will follow  the tiers of your org chart, hosting OKR Workshops for pillars across the organization to create their own localized OKRs that align to company-level objectives.

OKR Workshops

The Program Lead, your IT Owner, and Wave Nine will collaborate to get your organization ready to use WorkBoard.

Onboarding Survey

IMPORTANT: Onboarding Surveys must be returned to Wave Nine before the next steps can take place.

Team Formation

A successful rollout relies on a great team, with the right people in the right roles. First, take a moment to get familiar with the roles and responsibilities detailed in Program Roles & Responsibilities. Next, taking guidance from the results of the Onboarding Survey, the Executive Sponsor and Program Lead will identify individuals who can best fill these key roles, then bring them up to speed on the program. Wave Nine can offer support in identifying the right individuals.