Welcome To Strategy Ignite

Your organization has made a transformative decision: to achieve strategic agility with Objectives and Key Results (OKRs).

OKRs are trusted by the world’s leading companies and have earned their reputation as a cornerstone of impactful business outcomes.

Businesses face many challenges that prevent successful strategy execution—from lack of clarity around company goals, to competing priorities, to low accountability.

As the experts in OKRs, Wave Nine presents the solution: Strategy Ignite. Our tailored, end-to-end program will guide you through the entire process of implementing and executing OKRs using WorkBoard, the industry-leading platform for OKR management. With Strategy Ignite, you’ll develop and sustain a thriving culture of high clarity and high energy that will enable your teams to align and deliver.

Welcome & Overview

Watch this helpful video for a comprehensive look at the Implementation Process. After you have watched the video, proceed to the detailed overview of Phase 1: Set Up & Launch, below. As you review Set Up & Launch, be sure to make special note of time-sensitive action items that you may need to complete.

Process & Operating Rhythm

The Implementation Process consists of four phases, each of which is described in full detail here. As you review each phase, please make special note of any time-sensitive action items that you may need to complete.

Approximately 4 weeks

1 Quarter

1 Quarter